How to Become a Social Media Manager in 2024 ?

The way you manage a social media account for your employer or customer is considerably different from how you manage one for yourself. In order to schedule postings, track analytics, and other tasks, a competent social media manager keeps up with trends, platforms, and business tools. Working in social media requires adopting a philosophy of lifelong learning as well as evolving with the industry, which might open up new marketing opportunities.

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Are y’all ready? Let’s dive in to learn everything about how to become a social media manager.

Table of Contents –

1. What is a social media manager?

2. What does a social media manager do?

  • Increasing followers and driving engagement
  • Developing content and campaign strategies
  • Analyzing data
  • Metrics reporting to important stakeholders
  • Posting and maintaining social media accounts
  • Maintain brand consistency

3. What skills are necessary to work as a social media manager?

  • Writing skills
  • Visuals and design
  • Tech savvy
  • Video creation and editing
  • Marketing know-how
  • Analytical thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community building

4. How to become a social media manager?

  • Build your own social media accounts
  • Develop Your Knowledge
  • Develop Your Data Tracking and Reading Skills
  • Be Creative
  • Learn To Research
  • Be Adaptable
  • Do Projects & Apply For Jobs

What is a social media manager?

“An individual who manages a brand’s social media presence is known as a social media manager”.

What kind of personality and image does your brand convey on social media? What do they (and don’t they) share? How do they communicate with their clients as well as their broader community? Planning, creating, and publishing content that stays loyal to that brand identity is the responsibility of social media managers. Additionally, they’ll assess its success, report on it, and stay in touch with their community via comments and direct messages.

Does that seem like a big job? Well, it is! Social media managers are in charge of a crucial marketing channel, thus they have a lot of responsibilities. Social networking is a surely popular tool for consumers to research purchases and find new brands. Also, social media may be the only way for firms that only operate online to interact with customers.

What does a social media manager do?

Creating and managing social media campaigns, developing strategies to increase followers, providing content, reviewing data, as well as interacting with important stakeholders in a company are all typical responsibilities of social media managers.

Your specific duties as a social media manager will be based on the size of your company. For instance, social media managers at larger organizations frequently approve material or videos rather than producing them, whereas social media managers at smaller businesses frequently produce more content.

As a social media manager, your tasks may typically include:

Increasing followers and driving engagement:

Increase a company’s following and the level of involvement (likes, comments, and shares) on all active social media sites. To do both, you may also be expected to create written or visual posts.

Developing content and campaign strategies:

You will be in charge of coming up with (and occasionally carrying out) social media initiatives that complement a company’s overall marketing plans in order to increase engagement. Additionally, you can repurpose user-generated content or come up with timely and evergreen content.

Social Media Manager analyses data:

You’ll spend time analyzing data in addition to doing creative work to determine how well a company’s posts and content are working. This can include social listening—observing what people post on social media about a brand or competitors.

Metrics reporting to important stakeholders

You’ll probably be asked to report your achievements —or any issues that arise—to your marketing team and even the company’s stakeholders because companies like to know your work has an impact. They’ll undoubtedly be checking to see how you gain more followers, boost engagement, and create engaging content and campaigns.

Posting and maintaining social media accounts:

 Depending on the size of your team, you can be in charge of maintaining all social media accounts. In that case, you might have to schedule posts and monitor followers’ reactions. You can also be in charge of answering follower comments and communications.

Social Media Manager maintains brand consistency: 

Ensure that the company uses the same tone and voice in all of its copy, editorials, as well as digital content. Make sure that all marketing material accurately represents the business.

This might look intimidating at first but you don’t have to be an expert at all of these things to begin working as a social media manager. For a lot of social media content, Smartphone photos and videos are more than sufficient. And graphic design and photo editing are now more accessible than ever owing to tools like Canva. Larger companies might also have a team handling social media management rather than simply one individual. You would then be working with other people whose abilities complement your own. Additionally, one of the most important qualities a social media manager can possess is a willingness to learn. If there is something you aren’t yet comfortable with, it is therefore acceptable to learn as you go.

What skills are necessary to work as a social media manager?

Despite how enjoyable social media can be, managing social media is a difficult job. It requires a careful balancing act between creative as well as analytical abilities.

Here are some skills to brush up on if you’re interested in working as a social media manager:

Writing Skills

As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for crafting engaging content across various platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. This includes writing posts, creating video descriptions, and even conceptualizing and producing short videos for platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, as well as YouTube Shorts.

Visuals and Design

A keen eye for design is essential as you’ll be tasked with developing digital assets for social media posts. This includes creating visually appealing graphics and images to enhance your content.

Tech Savvy

Proficiency in technology is crucial. You’ll need to understand social media algorithms, work with graphic design software, and navigate the internet effectively to optimize your online presence.

Video Creation and Editing

While collaborating with videographers and scriptwriters, you’ll also oversee their work to ensure alignment with the brand’s identity. In the age of short-form video content, you may even find yourself conceptualizing and creating videos for various platforms independently.

Marketing know-How

You should possess a solid grasp of social media marketing principles, including running campaigns and effectively targeting your audience.

Analytical Thinking

Beyond content creation, monitoring and analyzing your strategies and metrics is vital. As a social media manager, you’ll need to track the growth of your campaigns, maintain engagement with followers, and convert viewers into customers.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is key, whether it’s coordinating with team members, influencers, or clients. It’s crucial for keeping everyone informed and aligned.

Leadership Skills

In larger organizations, you may be required to oversee other content creators like videographers and graphic designers. In such cases, strong leadership skills are a necessity.

Community Building

With the growing importance of online communities, many organizations seek social media managers who can create and moderate communities on platforms like Facebook groups. Strong community-building skills are seen as a valuable asset in this role.

How to become a social media manager?

As already mentioned, social media professionals are responsible for shaping an organization’s online presence, engaging with audiences, and driving brand success in the digital realm. If you aspire to become one and navigate this dynamic field, below are some essential steps and skills required to excel in this career –

Build your own social media accounts

Make sure your social media is presentable before you apply for any type of social media job. When you have little to no experience, companies will look at your social media sites as their first point of inquiry.

After all, you’re applying for a position in social media. Establish a presence on social media, the more the better, and become familiar with each platform’s capabilities for businesses as well as your own social media profile.

Develop Your Knowledge

The basics of other marketing channels, such as paid advertising, SEO, SEM, influencer marketing, email marketing, etc., must be understood by a social media marketer. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you to adjust to the systems.

You can greatly increase your value to the company by having a basic understanding of the many forms of digital marketing. Additionally, you’ll gain a better understanding of how various systems can be used with social media marketing to improve ROI (return on investment) for businesses.

Develop Your Data Tracking and Reading Skills

It might be challenging to track the value/monetary return you provide to the company as a social media manager. You must be able to track & read the results of your social media efforts precisely for this reason.

One of the most important skills for social media managers is the capacity to use analytics to prove ROI (return on investment) and provide insightful social media reports. You’ll be able to determine how much value you provide to the business by doing this as well.

Be Creative

Social media’s main purpose is to create content through writing, design, photography, and video. In order to be successful as a social media manager, you must be creative.

A social media manager manages a variety of tasks, including:

  • Writing and scheduling for posts
  • Composing blog posts and articles
  • Keeping the brand’s social media presence active
  • Developing graphics for social media

You also need to have a ton of creative skills for this. You’ll start to incorporate creativity into your day-to-day routine. Just like any other skill, you will get more adept at it the more you practice it.

Learn To Research

Research is an integral part of any digital marketing job. You must understand how to conduct market research on your competitor companies, other brands, influencers, etc. Social media managers need to stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving social and digital media landscape, the latest measurement tools adopted by others, and the daily postings made by competitors. To stay up to date or find trending content, you can utilize a number of tools like Google Alerts, Twitter Trending Hashtags, etc.

Great social media research techniques might help you establish yourself as a field expert. However, it’s a wild world of information out there. Finding the specific information you require from a reliable source might be challenging.

Be Adaptable

In any marketing role, flexibility is essential, but managing social media requires it even more. Being adaptable is a necessity given how quickly the social media world changes. The capability to schedule posts is not enough.

You must be able to try out new features and change your approach based on new trends, continual testing and post-level analytics. Once you have the analytics in front of you, you also need the flexibility to try new things to make your social media work best for you. A/B testing can help you quickly determine which types of images and prose are working for your company – and which aren’t.

Do Projects & Apply For Jobs

After completing the aforementioned tasks, you can begin working on real-time projects. You can create a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, and many other things. The opportunities are endless with social media, and there are a ton of initiatives you can take on to expand your portfolio.

After all, what matters more than whatever degree or qualification you possess are actual, measurable results (which you will get through projects). So, complete a few side projects before you are prepared to submit a job application. There are a ton of opportunities available, particularly now that the digital sector is flourishing more than ever. All you have to do to get employed is provide value to someone.

Becoming a social media manager requires a mix of skills: creativity, tech-savviness, analytics, and adaptability. Start by building your own social media presence, gaining marketing knowledge, and refining your data tracking abilities. Stay creative, stay updated with trends, and be ready to adapt. Real projects will boost your portfolio, and then you can apply for social media jobs. Success in this field comes from skill development and a commitment to ongoing learning!