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Your Path to Forbes : Strategies to Boost Your Exposure and Reputation

For both individuals and companies, being featured in a respected publication like Forbes can be a game-changer. When you are featured on Forbes, you gain exposure and authority. This not only improves the reputation of your business but also leads to bigger opportunities.

Forbes represents the peak of business journalism. It has an illustrious legacy spanning more than a century and over 150 million monthly readers. Because of this, every business owner and startup creator strives to have their name appear in a Forbes article.

Path to Forbes Strategies, Best Creative Digital Marketing Company, Auxost

We’ll look at several effective strategies in this blog post to help you improve your chances of being listed in Forbes.

Table of Contents

  • What is Forbes? What Sets Forbes Apart?
  •  What are the benefits of an article on Forbes?
  1. Reputation and brand recognition
  2.  Potential sales
  3.  New possibilities
  • What does it cost to be featured on Forbes?
  1. Solo
  2.  Freelancers or In-house team
  3.  PR agency
  • Key Elements to Get Featured in Forbes
  1. Create Excellent Content
  2.  Guest Blogging
  3.  Quora
  4.  HARO
  5.  Twitter
  6.  LinkedIn
  7.  Influencer Communities and Groups

What is Forbes? What Sets Forbes Apart?

Forbes used to be a family-run business for most of its history, but that is no longer the case. In 1917, Bertie Charles Forbes established this company. He immigrated from Scotland to New York at the turn of the 20th century. He started Forbes magazine in 1917 after working as a syndicated columnist. Furthermore, he was the editor-in-chief until his passing in 1954. Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, Jr., commonly known as Steve Forbes, took over the chair and editor-in-chief position in 1990. He is the son of longtime Forbes publisher Malcolm Forbes and the grandson of that publication’s founder B.C. Forbes.

This media company is one of the top providers of business related articles, investing, finance, marketing, lifestyle, and sports news material worldwide. It has approximately 2,800 active journalists working for it and more than 400 employees worldwide. The magazine is released eight times every year and has 40 editions in 70 different countries, reaching 5.8 million people.

Forbes has mentioned some of the most influential people around the world such as Jeff Bezoz, Elon Musk, Gautam Adani etc. Forbes is famous for its lists, which it utilizes to place individuals and organizations in various categories and rankings. Its most popular lists include:

  • Forbes Real Time Billionaires List : The richest person in the world
  •  The World’s Most Powerful People
  •  Forbes 30 Under 30
  •  The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes
  •  The Celebrity 100: The World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers
  •  The Global 2000: The World’s Largest Public Companies
  •  America’s Top Colleges
  • Forbes 40 under 40

What are the benefits of an article on Forbes Magazine?

Let’s review why you should want to get a Forbes feature in the first place before we get to the hard stuff. Even if you already see a lot of value in a placement like this, it still is essential to be aware of all the advantages that come with an article about your company, particularly when it comes to properly leveraging a successful placement.

Let’s dive right in.

Reputation and brand recognition 

One of the main selling points of public relations services is often reputation management. Almost everyone on earth seems to have heard of the well-known Forbes Magazine at some point in their lives, thanks to globalization and popular culture.

Additionally, a lot of business people seem to connect the brand with large firms, billionaires, and serious businesses. Consequently, a company portrait or even something small can significantly affect how valuable people see you.

Potential sales

We wouldn’t be telling the truth if we said that every mention on Forbes or other well-known websites will inevitably increase your revenue. While it is true that a positive reputation frequently results in higher sales, the reality is that a small mention is usually not going to have a significant impact on your business’s sales.

Having said that, several companies experienced significant increases in sales as a result of having their company or product featured in a Forbes article. The potential can be significant, especially in the premium sector. Thus, the way your company is reported on specifically affects how sales are driven.

New possibilities

Many significant decision-makers, including C-level executives, investors, entrepreneurs, influencers, and more, read Forbes daily. This is due to its immense popularity among business people. Typically, it is difficult to reach this group of people using traditional advertising.

Consequently, a reputable media outlet is much more likely to grab their attention when it presents you to this clientele. In fact, dozens of our clients reported that their placement has helped establish price-less connections and long-lasting partnerships.

Therefore, presenting yourself to this audience through a credible media channel is considerably more likely to get their attention. In fact, their placement led to the development of priceless connections and long-lasting collaborations.

For instance, if your goal is to become a sought-after speaker at business gatherings, a feature on Forbes can undoubtedly persuade the right people.

What does it cost to be featured on Forbes?

This is yet another inquiry that comes up frequently. The short answer is nothing. Yes, you did read that correctly. A Forbes placement may come with no expenses at all if you’re lucky. The long answer is that you’ll probably need to spend a significant amount of time or money on your own Forbes story. The cost it takes depends largely on several factors. These include your niche, the reputation of your brand, and, of course, a small bit of luck.

Here are 3 different approaches along with their costs –


It is totally possible to get a spotlight on Forbes on your own, even if you have no prior experience with media relations. However, you might have to put in a lot of work depending on your circumstances and approach, particularly if you decide to work without a budget.

Numerous hours are likely to be spent on media research, list building, cultivating contacts, and sending out pitches. Also, it may take weeks or even months to see results. Therefore, it’s sensible to at least invest in a few affordable tools.

Freelancers or In-house team

You might want to consider thinking about hiring a freelancer or employee to handle your media relations if you already have a lot on your plate. Although this method will save you a significant amount of time, you must be cautious when choosing the most suitable candidate for the position.

After all, you want to make sure that your company gives a favorable impression. Cutting corners is usually not the best plan when dealing with such important aspects. Additionally, you should keep in mind that even with the best approach, your freelancer or employee can fail. This will leave you with excessive fees and no results.

PR agency

For articles in major mainstream publications like Forbes, a public relations agency is often the go-to source. A PR agency can typically provide a fantastic feature in a matter of weeks because they ideally work with real pros.

However, the quick and trustworthy service is expensive because many companies charge up to $10,000 for a single feature and often charge approximately $5,000 for a brand mention. Additionally, the majority of PR agencies demand an upfront retainer. They do this to guarantee a long-term commitment from the client and the agency.

Key Elements to Get Featured in Forbes

You may improve your chances of being included in Forbes and gain some coverage by using a list of hacks mentioned below –

Create Excellent Content

Keeping up with industry news and the most recent technological advancements gives you a competitive edge when it comes to growing a following or a network of high-quality links. The majority of “best practices” have already been discussed thoroughly in every blog out there. You can’t outrank them with poor material, and if you keep giving the same advice, you won’t gain any exposure. Focus on developing new angles and perspectives for your website’s content. Think of something that people didn’t know before and that requires some practical advice from an industry expert.

In addition to including a few trending keywords in your title, you would be able to concentrate on the business problems of a particular industry and establish yourself as an influencer in that particular area. Your articles should contain over 2,000 words, filled with plenty of statistics from the industry, quotes from leading experts, examples of successful business strategies, and practical guidance for other professionals in the field.

Guest Blogging

Without the “golden status” badge, a strong network of journalists who can recommend you, and a portfolio of popular and creative articles of your own, it is very difficult to pitch Entrepreneur.

The most effective plan is to write a thoroughly researched article after reading the submission criteria, and then pitch it to the outlet. You can check in once or twice over a few weeks, but editors are frequently proactive in seeking out content, so if your proposal isn’t something they didn’t like, they might pass it by.

Regularly contributing to online magazines will help you build your portfolio over time, enhance traffic because of connections and references in your profile, and attract different audiences of dedicated readers who already follow such networks. Your network would expand due to the increased social media exposure or links from aggregators.

Once you build a partnership with a blog that has published your content, pitch them every couple of months with a new piece if you can. A good portfolio will look appealing to editors from higher-end blogs that you’ll pitch later on.


Over 100 million unique active users per month form the significant user base of Quora. There are plenty of topics that concentrate on entrepreneurship, startups, investment, management, sales, etc. However, some are more amateur than others.

The way Quora operates is the same as how popular Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers or Stack Exchange operate: someone posts a question, and several people react based on their personal experiences. Fortunately, Quora was able to attract individuals with priceless expertise across a wide range of topics, significantly raising the caliber of many answers.

As an expert in the field, you can focus on responding to queries by providing insightful analysis and helpful advice based on your professional experience. You can approach it similarly to a guest post because the community focuses on high-quality answers (some of which are over 2,000 words long), unlike forums which infrequently receive comprehensive and actionable answers.

Many bloggers and journalists use Quora to get quotations or fascinating stories that might be useful for their articles. So this is another area where you may excel. Additionally, reading other people’s responses will provide you with some pointers or suggestions for enhancing your own work. You can expand your network and get in touch with other industry leaders as well.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a database of sources willing to respond to a journalist’s request for a quotation or mention. Writers for Reuters, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The New York Times, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications utilize it.

The sources on HARO often respond within a day or two because it is a time-sensitive platform. Given the intense competition, journalists frequently work on many projects as full- or part-time contributors, so getting started as soon as possible is essential.

The advantage is that consistently following HARO would lead to increasing the likelihood that your quote would be used. Shorter deadlines result in fewer pitches and fewer options, especially if your response is smart, original, and helpful to the writer.


Twitter is an excellent social media platform and when used correctly, it can help you feature your article in Forbes. You would gain incredible results if you excluded funny gifs and movies from viral websites and concentrated on influencers. About 320 million unique users use Twitter each month, share their experiences, engage in conversation, and give new users the chance to meet and connect with experienced business people and professionals in their fields.

Twitter does not require accepting a friend request in order to send a message to someone, in contrast to many other social networks. Since everyone can quickly compose a brief message under the character limit of 140 on Twitter, many businesses use it as a support channel.

As a result, you can use Twitter to share your stories, mention influencers who have offered insight, connect with them directly, interact with their tweets, leave comments in response to them, and more. There are no restrictions on who could you possibly meet.

You can follow hashtags that talk about particular subjects that you are knowledgeable about. Numerous global businesses keep track of these and communicate with customers who require assistance but haven’t chosen a service provider.

Twitter lists are another useful tool that lets you communicate with a group of people in a specific business, collect quotes from them for publications, and keep track of new posts they make that might link to your products or services. That increases the visibility of your brand, and some influencers may find your content interesting, hence asking for a quote in their stories.


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, established in 2002. While most users interact in conventional ways, there are several strategies to make the most of this platform.

LION Network: LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) is a semi-secret community of LinkedIn users open to connecting with others. While LinkedIn typically suggests adding close contacts, LION networkers expand their networks by connecting with more people. Websites that collect email addresses and share them with private networks facilitate this. Be cautious as this isn’t officially approved and could lead to consequences.

Ask for Introductions: Once you’ve grown your network, you’ll have direct contacts who can introduce you to their second-level connections. This is an effective way to connect with influencers in your industry.

LinkedIn Pulse: LinkedIn offers a blogging platform called LinkedIn Pulse. You can create and share unique content or recaps with links back to the original source. Influencers often share their insights here, and you can engage with them through comments and messages.

Sales Navigator: LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a premium tool for lead generation. It’s not just for sales; you can also use it to find and connect with relevant contacts. Building personal relationships with the right people can lead to long-term partnerships.

Targeted Ads: LinkedIn provides detailed filters for precise ad targeting. You can focus on specific companies or even C-level executives and hiring managers. This is a powerful way to get your content or products in front of a specific organization or audience, as opposed to generic outreach.

Remember, when using these strategies, it’s important to be respectful and not overreach. Building authentic connections and relationships on LinkedIn is the key to long-term success on the platform.

Influencer Communities and Groups

You are not alone in your efforts to improve your writing abilities and gain more exposure in various channels. Numerous business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers are searching for outreach opportunities across various industries.

People who are looking for exposure and business partnerships find places like Slack teams, Facebook, and LinkedIn groups. An excellent place to meet folks who share your interests and are willing to cross-share useful content is the Triberr community.

Why do you follow people online? because they exchange useful information and tactics that will improve their performance and help them become better at what they do. This idea is key to the Triberr community, which makes sure that everyone is working hard to create engaging online content that deserves the proper exposure.

If you have guest posting access to several of the more well-known blogs out there, you can exchange introductions with other contributors on other sites. A personal introduction has a much higher chance of success than a cold outreach. Also, no harm done, and definitely worth the time.

Veteran authors like Josh Steimle, provide free courses on how to become influencers & create their self-help communities. You can meet other bloggers, including several reputable journalists who are openly hunting for fantastic stories, by enrolling in his course and Facebook group.

You will expand your network of influencers, journalists, and field experts by following this basic strategy. This will also help you become more prominent across the whole digital industry. Running all of those activities simultaneously and creating a monthly strategy for each one will guarantee a continuous increase in readers and followers, opportunities for consulting customers, and exposure from reliable online sources that value your viewpoint.

A Word From Auxost –

To increase your chances of being featured in Forbes, focus on creating excellent content, engage in guest blogging, participate in platforms like Quora and HARO. Use Twitter and LinkedIn for networking and exposure, and join influencer communities and groups. Being featured in Forbes can boost your reputation, brand recognition, potential sales, and new opportunities. While there may be costs involved, the benefits can be substantial.