Welcome to Auxost, where our cutting-edge Guerrilla Marketing Services will revolutionize the landscape of the marketing industry. As a creative marketing firm, we surely focus on creating memorable, out-of-the-ordinary campaigns that create excitement, surprise, and amazement. Our guerilla marketing techniques undoubtedly stand out in a world where traditional advertising ideas can get overlooked in the rush. We do this by providing engaging and memorable brand experiences. Let’s dive in to know more~

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an approach that involves adopting unusual techniques that aim to amaze, surprise, or shock to gain publicity and, ultimately, brand exposure. The late business writer Jay Conrad Levinson, who authored many books on guerilla tactics across various professions, coined this phrase in the early 1980s.

Naturally, marketing was extremely different back then. Even if guerilla marketing strategy is being employed today, the way it looks is evolving due to the rapidly growing digital space. When we hear “guerrilla marketing,” it’s obvious to think about guerrilla warfare. I mean it makes sense since that’s where this marketing style got its name.

Guerrilla marketing tactics primarily rely on the element of surprise when used in warfare. But how does that apply to the work we perform daily? Well, same as in warfare situations, Guerrilla marketing tactics primarily use the element of surprise. Its goal is to develop wildly unusual advertising campaigns that catch people unexpectedly during their day-to-day routines.

What Sets Our Guerilla Marketing Services Apart?

At our marketing company, we pride ourselves on a distinctive approach that sets us apart in the industry. Here’s how we stand out:

Fusion of Fun and Creativity:

We believe that marketing should be enjoyable for both our audiences and ourselves. We do this by encouraging our target customers to actively engage in creative endeavors, helping them develop a unique connection with their favorite brands.

Viral-Ready Campaigns:

We also create campaigns that are attention-grabbing and incredibly shocking to increase the chance of them going viral. Moreover, by personifying the very essence of guerrilla marketing, our tactics increase brand visibility by taking risks and creating lasting impressions.

Cost-effective Innovation:

By adopting a guerilla marketing approach, we redefine innovation while being affordable. Our low-cost strategy, like street marketing, avoids the need for costly radio and television commercials by providing substitutes that are equally, if not more, successful in drawing in viewers.

Engaging Emotions:

Our guerilla marketing ads are carefully designed to tug at the heartstrings of our audience. Our marketing initiatives appeal on a personal level because we establish a closer connection with clients by arousing pleasant emotions.

Memorable Experiences: 

Our expertise lies in crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression on our audience. By its very nature, guerilla marketing ideas can create iconic moments that go beyond the parameters of conventional advertising. Because these experiences leave a lasting impression on people, they promote brand loyalty.

Our Guerrilla Marketing Services:

As a marketing company specializing in guerrilla marketing, we offer a diverse range of unconventional and creative tactics to elevate your brand presence. Furthermore, we offer different types of guerilla marketing services, including:

Ambient Marketing Strategies:

We place ads strategically in uncommon locations to grab attention where it’s most important, creating a unique and memorable brand presence. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Nike. Their “Just Do It” campaign placed giant 3D replicas of athletes’ shoes in unexpected urban areas, emphasizing the brand’s active lifestyle.

Street Art and Graffiti Campaigns:

We make use of public spaces for eye-catching art or messages that align with your brand, turning urban environments into engaging canvases. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Coca-Cola. Their “Share a Coke” campaign included street art with personalized names on soda cans, turning cities into personalized as well as shareable spaces.

Flash Mob Coordination:

We also organize instant gatherings to create memorable experiences and promote your product or service, generating buzz through unexpected and lively events. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is T-Mobile. They arranged a flash mob in Liverpool Street Station, surprising commuters with a dance performance, creating a memorable moment tied to their “Life’s for Sharing” campaign.

Sticker and Poster Bombing Services:

We will place branded stickers or posters tactfully to increase your visibility as well as create a lasting impression. We do this by making use of cost-effective and impactful street-level advertising. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Apple. Their “iPod Silhouette campaign” used simple yet black silhouettes on brightly colored backgrounds, plastered across cities. This created a minimalistic and recognizable image.

Undercover Marketing Expertise:

We also create subtle scenarios that easily promote your brand without the audience realizing they’re being marketed to. This surely helps to create authentic connections. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Sony. Sony Ericsson conducted an undercover marketing campaign. He did this by placing actors in bars pretending to be tourists. They highlighted the phone’s features naturally in conversation.

Experiential Marketing Events:

We create immersive experiences for consumers to directly engage with their brand through live events or installations. This undoubtedly helps to foster a deeper connection and unforgettable interactions. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Red Bull. Their Stratos Jump event, where Felix Baumgartner skydived from the edge of space created an immersive experience. It also showed the brand’s relationship with extreme sports and adventure.

Product Placement Strategies:

We seamlessly integrate products into everyday scenarios as well as perform attention-grabbing stunts to generate buzz. This maximizes visibility and brand recall. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is BMW. Their series of short films called “The Hire” featured their cars in action-packed scenarios, fusing the product into a captivating story.

Reverse Graffiti (Clean Graffiti) Campaigns:

We use innovative strategies to create art or messages by selectively cleaning surfaces, leaving a compelling visual impact that captures attention. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Greenpeace. Their campaign for clean energy involved cleaning a dirty coal-covered wall to reveal a message, creatively advocating for environmental change.

Guerrilla Projection Services:

We will also project captivating images or messages onto buildings and surfaces in public areas for maximum visibility. Utilizing such kind of large-scale visuals helps to convey brand messages. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Adidas. They projected 3D images of their products on buildings, creating a dynamic and visually engaging campaign in major cities.

Pop-Up Shops and Installations:

We organize temporary retail spaces or installations that appear unexpectedly. This sparks exclusivity, which helps to drive interest and engagement. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is IKEA. Their “Reading Rooms” pop-up in London allowed commuters to relax in a cozy space filled with IKEA furniture. This surely helped to showcase their products in a real-world setting.

Viral Marketing Campaign Development:

We create online content with the potential to go viral, using social media platforms to quickly reach a wider audience and enhance online sharing. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Dollar Shave Club. Their humorous online video about their subscription service went viral, gaining millions of views, and ultimately putting the brand into the limelight.

Interactive Advertising Solutions:

We engage consumers through interactive experiences, such as games or challenges, forging a memorable connection with your brand and encouraging participation. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is McDonald’s. Their interactive billboard in Sweden allowed passersby to play a virtual Pong game using their smartphones. This was surely a very creative way of blending technology with outdoor advertising.

Tactical Urbanism Expertise:

We temporarily transform public areas to create unique as well as memorable experiences closely related to your brand identity. This helps to engage audiences in unexpected and impactful ways. A renowned company that adopted this tactic is Kit Kat’s “Have a Break” campaign. They transformed bus stops into comfortable seating areas, offering a break to tired commuters, and ultimately reinforcing the brand’s message.

Allow Auxost to assist you in creating memorable, eye-catching campaigns that make an impact. Use our knowledge of guerilla marketing as well as other cutting-edge techniques to enhance the visibility of your business. Get in touch with Auxost right away to start your next successful marketing campaign!