We are extremely versatile when it comes to how you can collab with us. We have something for everyone, whether you do vlogs, reviews, cook, roam, travel, dress up or just about anything humanly possible, we cater to dogs too if you have one. Some of the types of collabs we do are:
  • DIY Collab

    Do it yourself , you’ve a creative idea and want specific brand input or support or want co-creators to work with you look nowhere else but this collab.

  • Meme Collab

    If you think you are a memelord? Mr funny Bond or the life of your community. Let's get the cape on and embrace the social media with laughter and an outreach you can only imagine.

  • Campaign Collab

    Brand campaigns are all about engaging with varied creators on single plain generally the format followed is 3 people with 3 mega influencers and 300 nano + micro creators.

  • Brand owned content

    Budding actors and artists get to work with varied brands and are available on their main branding content campaigns.This increase visibility but you are not supposed to post or report the content executed.

  • Collab pay

    Get paid according to your outreach and social visibility/engagement.

  • Affiliate collab

    Engage your followers with discounts and earn Commission on each purchase made through your personalized code.

  • Barter collab

    Get products for free to review and promote on your social media.

  • Become an ambassador

    Get to be the face of a brand. Participate and join offline and online events done in order to increase audience engagement you will not be allowed to work with the other brands in the same category of working.

  • Journal collab

    Write mind boggling/ informative / podcast to engage audience and get your name recognized/ visible /accessible

  • Foody bites

    Be it eating or cooking, healthy or junk ,we will get you all lip smacking collabs

  • Content collab

    Indirect marketing against viral script get the outreach you always owned and wished for in a blink of the eye.